Durable But Stylish Materials To Use Inside The Home

When designing the interior for your home, there are two tough words that you have to balance out through the house. Firstly, and most obviously, style. You have to make sure your house looks great for you to feel comfortable and enjoy living in. But the second one is also durability. There is no point in having great looking furniture and a stylish looking room if everything falls apart and starts looking tired after twelve months of living in it. So here are four materials that are useful around the home, look great and are also reliable.


This one is an obvious one but wood furniture is so common for the very reason that it is both stylish and durable. It is such a useful material with many different uses that it can be used right through the house. But this has developed over time with certain finishes adding more style to the wood but also adding a more reliability and durability. A great example of this is mango wood which is adds a sense of style to any piece of furniture, but you also be safe in the knowledge that it will be a sturdy piece of furniture.


Obviously concrete is a material that is used in most homes as a foundation to the house – thus showing its strength and reliability. It is also however an extremely flexible material as it can be moulded into all shapes and sizes from the off. A recent rise in industrial interior design has seen the use of concrete within the home increase. The theme seemed to take off on the back of making a statement by using bare concrete as a feature wall or as flooring. However, this has developed into uses in the kitchen and bathrooms in the form of worktops and sinks. Its certainly an acquired taste but its durability cannot be questioned.


Steel has been used in construction and design since the Industrial Revolution. There are many types of steel but its strength and the fact its aesthetically pleasing means that it has found common use around home interiors. Its initial uses in the home were in kitchens for sinks, worktops and cutlery, but this has now progressed into further uses in the home such as staircases and other furniture. There is one thing for sure with steel being used in the home, it will look great and last long.


Granite is a rock that has long been used within the home but commonly in the kitchen. It has been a stylish and durable material to be used as kitchen worktops as it looks great and is easy to clean. Its water resistance has seen this develop into use within the bathroom as well. But a modern use of granite is as part of a fireplace. Because it is heat resistant, it can act as a great looking centrepiece for a living room but its durability ensures it will be a great investment.

10 Best Dresser Designs to Transform Your Plain Dresser

If you’re looking for exciting ways to turn your plain old dresser to a new interesting one, here are some useful suggestions. Check out this list of ten best dresser designs to transform your dresser.

1. Cover the drawers with fabric

Give a new look to your dresser by lining its drawers with different kinds of fabrics. Use a thin fabric so that it does not cause problems with opening and closing of your drawers. Choose fabrics in bright colored pattern. Cut the fabric according to the size of the sides of your drawers and stick the fabric to the surface with glue. Add a finishing touch by painting the edges of the lined fabric and you have a new, colorful dresser.

2. Deck it up with wall paper

A beautiful wall paper creates a focal point in a room. Give a stunning makeover to your dresser by covering it with a suitable wallpaper. You can go with a colorful one to provide some contrast or a geometric pattern in black and white for an elegant look.

3. Paint it with a bright color

Color your old dresser in lively colors such as aqua blue to give it a new look. Remove the drawer handles before you begin and sand the entire dresser well. Apply one coat of paint and sand it again lightly, before applying the second coat. If you want to, you can even glaze the dresser for adding some depth.

4. Add cool baskets

If you have an old dresser with handles broken or cracked drawers, you can transform it into a new one by adding some pretty baskets. You can create open shelves by removing the damaged drawers and arrange all your essentials in the baskets.

Best Dresser Designs

5. Add funky handles

You can change the look of your dresser by changing the drawer handles. Find something interesting such as metallic designed knobs, doll shaped pulls or animal shaped handles and turn your dresser into an interesting one.

6. Lace it on sides

Give a feminine touch to your dresser by covering it with a soft hued lace on the sides of drawers. Add a thin layer of fabric on top of the dresser to complement the lace. You can hang candle chandeliers over the dresser to complete the romantic look.

7. Paint it in stripes

Paint the dresser drawers in stripes for a colorful makeover. Choose bright colors such as teal blue or orange and paint each drawer in diagonal stripes with a different color. Alter the direction of the stripes between drawers for adding some fun element.

8. Use metallic paint

Improve the value of your dresser by giving it an antique finish with metallic paint. Clean the lacquer off the dresser and then spray paint it with a metallic color. Add decorative, silver colored handles to give it a traditional look. You can make a great impact with this dresser in your bedroom.

9. Decorate it with scrapbook paper

Put your creativity on display by covering your dresser with scrapbook paper. It’s a great way of showing off your artwork. Also, scrapbooks are full of memories; you can add your beautiful moments on this paper in a colorful way.

10. Add a geometric pattern

Geometric patterns are so in these days. They help in accentuating your dresser’s look. You can add it on top of the dresser or to the drawers. This trendy pattern adds character to your simple dresser.

Choosing Non-slip Bathroom Mats for Safety

Bath mats are available in variety of materials, designs and colors. When you consider safety, non-slip bathroom mats are the best choice. When you have kids and elderly people at home, you must not risk by choosing just a fancy decorative mat which offers no safety against slipping.

A bathroom mat that comes with non-slip feature consists of hundreds of quality, strong-grip suction cups underneath it. You need to press it firmly to your bathroom floor, bathtub or Spa tub or shower floor, so that it sticks strongly. Most bathroom mats are made of rubber, vinyl or the more recent TPR materials.

Sandy-stone bath mat

Feel the smooth rugged touch of sandy stones every time you step out from shower. This vinyl bath mat in bright blue color comes with numerous suction cups for providing non-slip facility. It’s the vinyl material that allows creating a lightweight hollow model and a natural texture.

Cloud shaped bath mat

Place a cloud shaped, soft blue rubber bath mat in your bathroom to add an element of excitement. It provides safety from slipping, but is usually heavier than vinyl bath mat. Have fun stepping on cloud with elegance, whenever you shower in your bathtub or spa tub.

3D print bath mat

Bath mats with 3D print cartoon designs are a huge hit with kids. They provide safety and flexibility. The elastic characteristic of vinyl material facilitates printing of fancy design onto the mat. This kind of designing is not possible with any other material. It also serves as a modern decorative piece for your bathroom.

Non-slip Bathroom Mats

Cloth coated bath mat

A simple rubber mat may not be available in fancy designs, but a cloth layer on top of its surface, makes the design possible. If you have given your bathroom, a touch of seashore, then a pebble designed bath mat will complement it beautifully. This safety rubber bath mat is sure to create impact with its realistic design.

Large shower mat

If you have large shower area, this 21×21 inch bath mat will be perfect addition. This square shaped oversize bath mat made of vinyl comes in an attractive design. The high quality material makes this a lightweight piece, providing excellent non-slip feature.

3D Aqua bath mat

Transform the look of your bathroom with this 3D aqua rubber bath mat. The watermark design crafted on this rubber mat, makes it appear shiny and interesting. It creates an inviting look and also feels as if you’re stepping on water when you shower.

Grassy bath mat

Treat your feet to the touch of soft, lawn grass like feeling, by placing a grass designed non-slip vinyl bath mat in your bathroom. The material gives a natural, soft feeling and also provides massaging to your feet, which is highly soothing.

Ultra soft bath mat

For the ultimate soft feeling when you step into the shower, go for the modern bath mat made of TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber). This type of bath mat makes use of latest technology, which renders it lightweight and devoid of any kind of smells. Its extra soft and non-slip safety features make it best suitable for kids.

When choosing bath mats, non-slip safety feature is definitely important; you also have the option to choose from a variety of materials and designs. Modernize your bathrooms by adding stylish safety bath mats according to your personal style.

10 Funky Bottle Organizers for the Kitchen

Stack all kinds of bottles in a neat and convenient way with the help of these ten funky bottle organizers for the kitchen. Whether it’s about storing bottles of oil, sauces, vinegar, spices, soft drinks or wine; you can easily find a suitable modern bottle organizer. Organizers not only offer amazing storage solutions, but also save valuable kitchen space. Declutter your kitchen and give it a stylish makeover with these highly functional bottle organizers.

1. Spice jar rack

This is the coolest and most trendy way of arranging your spice jars. Store all your special spices in this stainless steel rack, which comes with twenty jars having the capacity of holding three ounces each. Another best part of using this rack is that, it enables pouring and shaking of spices easily with its flip lid.

2. Pull-out shelving

You can arrange a dozen of full-size or 24 small-size bottles of jams, sauces or meds in this rack. You can easily view the labels and reach the bottles by pulling out its three drawers. This compact organizer lets you save some storage space. It also comes with blank labels for drawers to enable customized organization.

3. Baby bottle organizer

Arrange your little ones’ bottles and Sippy cups in this neat organizer. It also has a storage basket in which you can place the bottle caps and nipples separately after washing. Highly convenient to use when you have a baby in the house.

4. Wine rack

Organize your favorite collection of wine bottles in this clear acrylic wine rack. The sturdy design of this rack can hold six bottles firmly. This chic piece can be easily placed on your kitchen countertop.

Funky Bottle Organizers for the Kitchen

5. Water bottle storage rack

Store your plastic water bottles horizontally in divided sections with this twelve pack storage rack. This takes care of stacking all your plastic bottles together in your kitchen. You can also split this unit to store bottles in separate places.

6. Magnetic spice rack

Store your spice jars in this modern easy to access magnetic spice rack. Each labelled jar contains a clear lid so that the contents are easily visible and easy to pour. The sturdy design of this rack calls for minimal maintenance and makes it perfect for kitchen use.


7. Deep pull-out bottle rack

The best solution to storing your bottles of oil, vinegar or soft drinks is by installing a deep pull-out rack in your kitchen cabinet. The handy pull-out drawer makes it convenient to reach frequently used bottles when cooking.

8. Rotational jar rack

Organize your cans, jars or soup tins in this adorable rotational storage rack. This two-level rack lets you store twelve units conveniently. The spinning feature of this rack provides easy visibility and access.

9. Condiment storage rack

This mini condiment jar set allows you to store seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, chili flakes and other herbs and spices in one place. This clear, stainless steel rack conveniently finds place on kitchen counters.

10. Portable storage rack

Store your jars of spices, herbs and other kitchen requirements in this lightweight portable rack. You can stack oval, circular or square shaped bottles vertically for easy access and place this rack in a pull-out drawer or a shelving unit.


10 Statement Rugs for the Living Room

Transform the look and feel of your living room by adding a sleek rug. A rug can deck up the plain floors of a room in an attractive way. The walls and furnishings of the living room reflect the colors and patterns of the rug. It acts as a binding factor for a room. Check out this list of 10 statement rugs for the living room.

1. Patterned woolen rug

If you have little kids running around the house, then you must be aware that your rug can easily wear out. The same goes in the case of pets damaging the rugs by scratching the surface or soiling them. You need to choose a woolen rug that can be laundered easily and comes with a pattern that acts as a camouflage to stains, spills, hair and other stuff.

2. Zebra rug

Black and white stripes add depth to a simple, less furnished living room. A zebra rug coupled with white walls and chair enrich the color pattern of the rug. Turn focus onto the floors of the room with this zebra rug. It is a great way of making a simple, yet powerful style statement.

3. Bright and bold rug

If you don’t feel like going with deep colored walls and furnishings, you can add a bold rug to your living room to give it some color. Walls, furnishings and window treatments in neutral colors allow a bright patterned rug to take the focus. By adding a bright rug, you can create a separate space within a room.

4. Lace throw rug

Add a subtle touch to your living room with a delicate lace throw rug. Drape your curtains in soft pink and add decorative pillows in hues of white to complement the lace fabric elegantly.

Rugs for the Living Room

5. Coral rug

Bring home a bit of seashore with a coral rug in your living room. Light shades of orange and cream sea-plant design is sure to add an element of warmth and comfort to the room.

6. Floral rug

Flowers are the best way to greet your visitors and add an element of interest. A beautiful floral rug in wool or cotton is a nice way of decking up your living room. The bright, colorful floral pattern takes the center stage in a room.

7. Jute rug

Go green by adding a natural hand-woven jute rug in your living area. This fabric gives a different texture to the floors and it perfectly complements traditional as well as contemporary furniture. Apart from making a style statement, jute rugs are easy to maintain and highly durable.

8. Fringed Cusco rug

Add a sophisticated look to your room with a fringed Cusco rug. The elaborate color-block prints and tapestries create a stunning visual impact. The design of this fabric adds a unique texture to the living room.

9. Geometric rug

A geometric patterned rug is a great way of making a smart fashion statement. A black and white patterned rug adds an element of excitement and enlivens a living room.

10. Navajo rug

Invest in a timeless piece of heirloom by adding a Navajo rug in your living space. The high quality hand-woven fabric of this rug is highly durable and worth the money. A Navajo rug not only adds value to your room, but also creates a calm and soothing ambience.

Decorating With the Best Modern Living Room Accessories

Design your dreams and showcase your style with modern living room accessories. Choose accessories ranging from traditional to modern, bold to comfy, chic to neutral; according to your personal choice. Create the first best impression with an amazingly accessorized living room. Here are some great ways of adding glamour to your living room with trendy accessories.

Brighten and Lighten in white

Create a neutral look by accessorizing in shades of white. Cushions and decorative pillows in white add depth to the living room. A white living room gives a warm and cozy feeling. If you want to make it less imposing, add accessories of different textures such as a crochet throw and a jute rug.

Metallic wall shelf

To give your plain walls a stunning look, install metallic wall shelves. You can arrange these black colored shelves in a diagonally ascending manner. This beautifully crafted shelf doubles up as a decorative piece and a storage unit. Display some of your favorite collectibles by arranging them in this shelf. This modern accessory adds an elegant touch to your living room.

Tabletop fountain

Bring fountain to your living room for creating impact. This decorative piece creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere, just like the way you feel around your garden fountains. The beautifully crafted look of this fountain in earthy tones adds a trendy look to the room. Whether you place this piece on a tabletop in the center of your living room or in a quiet corner, it is sure to attract attention.

Modern Living Room Accessories

Rustic end table

For a traditional look, go for a hand-crafted circular wooden end table complete with a distressed finish. Place this beside your sofa and add a chic flower vase in olive green color. You can stack books and other decorative items at the bottom of this end table. Cream colored decorative pillows and curtains beautifully complement this traditional, yet contemporary end table.

Artificial tabletop succulent garden

Create a natural look without having any concerns regarding succulents and cacti care, by adding an artificial garden. Oval shaped gray stone base housing an arrangement of artificial succulents is perfect for placing on a large dark colored wooden table. This artificial planter acts as a focal point of attraction in the living room. Wall paintings in deep shades of red and green in the background provide a colorful visual appeal.

Quirky wall painting

Spruce up your living room with a touch of eccentricity by adding a quirky artwork. A side chair in deep green and a patterned rug perfectly complement the background wall. Modern artwork adds an element of charm and excitement to the living room. It is also a great way of showcasing your personal taste in artwork.

Coral curtains

Drape your living room windows in deep colored coral curtains. Geometric patterned throws on sofa and chairs complete the look. An abstract wall painting is another addition that binds everything in the living room. All these lovely colors and patterns add depth to a neutral space.

Circular cocktail table

This modern and funky cocktail table adds a touch of elegance to your living room. Sofa and vintage chairs in shades of green and brown look perfect for gathering around the cocktail table. Add some stylish throw pillows for some element of interest. Place a flower vase in deep brown or any other decorative item in metallic colors in the center of the table to create a focal point in your living room.


10 Best Kitchen Storage Racks

Modern kitchens are brimming with cookware, new appliances, accessories and many other utilities. Storage and organization can become challenging in such a case. Learn about these ten best kitchen storage racks in order to store all your kitchen requirements conveniently.

1. Go for tall cabinets

When you’re remodeling your kitchen cabinet, choose to go with a tall cabinet that reaches all the way to the roof. This provides ample storage space for small to large bowls, pots and pans. You may find it inconvenient to reach for top items; it is however, suitable for storing less frequently used items. With a high-rise cabinet, you can easily store and display your kitchen utilities neatly.

2. Storage bins for recyclable material

Conceal your trash cans behind closed doors for an organized look. Use separate bins for trash and recyclable stuff. You can place these bins near the sink, so that you can easily put the bottles and cans in the recyclable bin after washing and dump the waste material in the trash can.

3. Open and closed counters

Consider a shelving unit that provides both open and closed storage for convenient use. Add cabinets, plate racks and holders for increased storage space and visual appeal. The open storage enables you to organize handy things such as towels and plates, whereas closed shelving lets you store all your necessary kitchenware.

4. Choose pullout storage rack

Pullout drawers and shelves provide a convenient way of storing kitchen utilities by making use of corners and backspace. You don’t have to reach deep into the counters for fishing out utensils by adding pullouts. Drawers are an easy way of organizing and accessing your kitchen stuff.

5. Add dividers in pullouts

Adding adjustable dividers in trays and drawers enable easy organization of shallow items such as cutting boards and flat pans. Flat kitchenware must be placed upright for easy storage and access. You can also store other items with the help of dividers such as spice jars and cutlery.

Kitchen Storage Racks

6. Bottle rack

For storing bottles of vinegar, sauce, oil, ketchup and others, you need to go for a deep storage rack. You can have it installed next to your cabinet when you are renovating your kitchen. You can also place the bottles in a big basket and stack it in an open shelf or a cabinet and access it easily.

7. Customized shelving

When you are designing open storage shelves, plan according to the items that you’ll be storing. Experts in the field of organization suggest storing like items together and measuring the size of the utilities to determine the height the shelves for proper storage. This not only creates a convenient storage space, but also appeals to the eyes.

8. Spice jar storage rack

According to professional organizers, the best to store all your spices together is by placing them on their sides in drawers with labels showing up. Stacking the bottles on top of each other can create problems with accessibility. The ideal spot for installing a spice rack is below your cooking space or beside the countertop. If you store spices above your cooking area, there are chances that the heat may affect their flavor.

9. Wall racks and hangers

Increase your kitchen storage space by adding wall racks and hangers. You can easily store accessories and small appliances in these wall racks. Hooks and hangers enable handy storage of kitchen tools.

10. Cubby storage

Store your kitchen appliances orderly in a cubbyhole designed rack. Place the manual and additional attachments that come with the appliance together, so that you have everything you need on hand.

Best Large Kitchen Island Designs

A large kitchen island provides ample space for working, gathering and storing all your kitchen utilities. You can create a kitchen island according to your preferences and requirements. Here are some useful guidelines on how best you can design a large kitchen island.

Getting the right dimensions

Adding kitchenware and design features are necessary when you are thinking of a large kitchen island, but what is more important is how you’ll be working within the available kitchen space. You may feel that an oversized kitchen island is a huge blessing, you must also think about the modelling challenges that arise with it. The island design must be of proportionate size with regards to your kitchen. Getting the right dimensions is important for a kitchen island because, if it is extra-large, you may be left with a claustrophobic feeling and working around the island may get too tedious for you.

Creative models and shapes

Most people tend to go for either a square kitchen island or a rectangular one. When you are designing a large kitchen island, you can consider going for a style and model that is different from the regular ones. Consider a circular model or a cool oval shaped design. There are many other options such as a T-shaped island or an L-shaped one. The model you choose must go with the space of your kitchen. Add your personal style and you can have not only a large kitchen island, but also a trendy one.

Perfect spot for family time

Make your kitchen island a great place for hanging out with friends and family over breakfast and meals. You can go for a large countertop where you can cook as well as serve meals. Place comfy chairs or stools according to your preference. For providing comfortable seating, you must also consider the knee space at the kitchen island.

Large Kitchen Island Designs

Add storage racks

Keep your modern appliances, utensils, tools and cookware easily accessible, by adding storage space to your kitchen island. You can add drawers for storing cutlery, spices and other small items. Place your cooking pans, pots and bowls in a closed cabinet and stack the most used items such as kitchen towels in open shelves. With everything you need is handy and in one place, you can work easily at your kitchen island.

Go for detailing

If you’re an art lover then a large kitchen island allows you to add detailing work and a decorative piece of countertop. You can go for a polished stone work or traditional wood carving details for the base. Add twist to your countertop edge by styling it in trendy finishes. You can also go for decorative brackets for adding an element of interest.

Add levelling

In modern kitchen islands, the cooking area is separated from the eating area by building the working space a bit higher. This way you can easily work around the kitchen island and sit down for meals with family. The eating space being at a kid-friendly level makes it an inviting place.

Lighting it up properly

A large kitchen island requires a suitable lighting option that provides good focus. Most designers opt for hanging lighting fixtures for kitchen islands. Lighting is an important requirement for working in your kitchen space. Well-lit and focused light not only brightens your kitchen island, but also illuminates the surroundings beautifully. You need to choose the right pendant lights for your large kitchen island for achieving a stunning look.

Modern Bedding Products for Every Home

Add comfort along with style with modern bedding products to your bedroom. You can easily find exciting new bedding products in online stores as well. Choose the right items that go with the decor and color palette of your room. Here is a quick look at some of the popular bedding products that your bedroom needs right now.


Layer your bed with beautifully designed bedspreads in the fabric of your choice. You can go with a thick one or a lightweight bedspread according to your choice of comfort. Bedspreads are designed to fill the entire mattress and reach the floor in most cases.


A quilt is a three layered blanket that is stitched together in a patterned design. Its top layer is a woven cloth; a combination of various types of fabrics. The central layer consists of batting and the bottom layer is a single piece of a bright colored woven cloth. Sometimes you can find quilts in a single layer of fabric on top. The stuffing in the center is added to provide some warmth. A quilt is a great addition to your bedding, as it is different from other kinds of covering. Modern day quilts can also be used as throws on sofa, tablecloths and wall hangings.


You can find comforters in a wide range of patterns, designs and colors. These not only add comfort and warmth on chilly winter nights, but also improve the visual appeal of your bedroom. You can choose a comforter according to your personal style and the level of warmth for sleeping comfortably.

Modern Bedding Products


Much like the comforter, a duvet is a soft filling of feathers, down or other synthetic materials. Duvets are generally designed to be used with a duvet cover. Duvet covers come in different colors and patterns to add a decorative touch. It has buttons on one side to enclose the duvet inserted in it. You wouldn’t need to use any sheets when using duvets, as the covers can be removed and washed conveniently. You can find some duvet covers with a sewn sheet into one of its sides so that you don’t require additional sheets or quilts, blankets and other types of covering. Most homemakers prefer to use duvets as a single bed covering, because they eliminate the effort making the bed.


This decorative piece of bedspread is designed to be used over coverlets and thick bedspreads. You can use this as a covering for your bed or a sofa. These are lightweight fabrics and are mostly woven or quilted. A coverlet is usually not designed to reach the floor or cover pillows because of its decorative feature and size.

Different types of pillows

You need to choose the right pillow for sleeping comfortably through the nights. These are available in different sizes ranging from standard to king or queen. Choosing a sleeping pillow largely depends on your sleeping habits. You might be able to find one that suits your comfort level and also adds an element of attraction to the bed. A decorative pillow on the other hand is mainly used to adorn the bed beautifully. These come in various colors, sizes and models to suit your bedding. Give your room a polished look by arranging some decorative pillows as per your style preference.

Bed skirt

Deckup your bed by adding a stylish piece of bed skirt. It not only conceals the box springs, but also gives a fashionable look to your bed. It is matched with comforters, duvets and coverlets to complete the look.

Best Living Room Decoration Colors

Make an impact with your personal style by choosing the best living room decoration colors for your home. The color palette you choose must go with the furnishings in your room. You can choose to experiment with colors for fun or go with classic ones. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate with different colors.

Shades of blue

Blue is the most chosen color for living room decorations. It is the hot favorite of many interior designers, as it complements most types of furnishings. People choose different shades of blue according to their preferences. You can go with deep blue color for creating a calm and comfortable feeling in the room. On the other hand, bright blue adds a touch of liveliness and cheer to the room.

Black and white with pale blue

Black and white combination is the age old decoration scheme that works well with both modern and traditional furniture. Give a new look to this palette by mixing a light shade of blue. The walls painted in light blue complement the furnishings done in black and white beautifully.

Light grey, aquamarine and neon yellow

Add a bit of warmth and excitement with combination of these colors in moderation. Paint your walls in shades of grey to set the contrasting, yet simplistic backdrop for your living area. Pair your sofa in soft shade of blue with neon colored pillows and see the magic these colors create.

Soft green and bubblegum pink

Decorate your living room in light shades of green and pink for creating the perfect look. A hint of light pink in accessories around the room such as vases, lampshade, curtains and paintings on display, go perfectly with mint green walls.

Living Room Decoration Colors

Olive green and black

Drape your living room from floor to ceiling in olive green to create a dazzling impact. Black sofa paired with pillows in hues of green and black add a splash of excitement. The curtains and paintings in green make a stunning statement combined with an attractive black wallpaper.

Hot pink and Beige

Go bold and brighten up your living area with hues of dark pink and beige. Bright pink colored drapes and cushions perfectly match the beige colored sofa and chairs. A hint of green and peach in paintings and wall hangings create the perfect look for the room.

Red hues

Red is another bold color that can create a huge impact in a room. Red is considered to add energy and excitement to the ambience. Try not to overdo this powerful color by painting all the walls. Focus it on one side and paint other walls in honey-yellow tones. Brown colored lampshade, table and frames complement the red and yellow backgrounds.

Shades of grey

Dark tones of grey are finding place in modern interior designing. It creates a focal point and adds an element of elegance to the room. Paint a wall in slate grey above the sofa to create a focal point or paint all the walls in a soft grey hue to add a touch of warmth and coziness in the room. Cream colored sofa and side chairs bring out the beauty of walls stunningly.

Brown and green

If you want to play it up with different colors, then try this color combination and create a new stunning look. Add a teal colored wallpaper as a centerpiece of attraction to the living room. Furniture in tones of dark brown, beautifully complements the walls in soft green tones. Add a touch of deep brown color to accessories and see how they bring out the soft green color of the walls.