Choosing Non-slip Bathroom Mats for Safety

Non-slip Bathroom Mats

Bath mats are available in variety of materials, designs and colors. When you consider safety, non-slip bathroom mats are the best choice. When you have kids and elderly people at home, you must not risk by choosing just a fancy decorative mat which offers no safety against slipping.

A bathroom mat that comes with non-slip feature consists of hundreds of quality, strong-grip suction cups underneath it. You need to press it firmly to your bathroom floor, bathtub or Spa tub or shower floor, so that it sticks strongly. Most bathroom mats are made of rubber, vinyl or the more recent TPR materials.

Sandy-stone bath mat

Feel the smooth rugged touch of sandy stones every time you step out from shower. This vinyl bath mat in bright blue color comes with numerous suction cups for providing non-slip facility. It’s the vinyl material that allows creating a lightweight hollow model and a natural texture.

Cloud shaped bath mat

Place a cloud shaped, soft blue rubber bath mat in your bathroom to add an element of excitement. It provides safety from slipping, but is usually heavier than vinyl bath mat. Have fun stepping on cloud with elegance, whenever you shower in your bathtub or spa tub.

3D print bath mat

Bath mats with 3D print cartoon designs are a huge hit with kids. They provide safety and flexibility. The elastic characteristic of vinyl material facilitates printing of fancy design onto the mat. This kind of designing is not possible with any other material. It also serves as a modern decorative piece for your bathroom.

Non-slip Bathroom Mats

Cloth coated bath mat

A simple rubber mat may not be available in fancy designs, but a cloth layer on top of its surface, makes the design possible. If you have given your bathroom, a touch of seashore, then a pebble designed bath mat will complement it beautifully. This safety rubber bath mat is sure to create impact with its realistic design.

Large shower mat

If you have large shower area, this 21×21 inch bath mat will be perfect addition. This square shaped oversize bath mat made of vinyl comes in an attractive design. The high quality material makes this a lightweight piece, providing excellent non-slip feature.

3D Aqua bath mat

Transform the look of your bathroom with this 3D aqua rubber bath mat. The watermark design crafted on this rubber mat, makes it appear shiny and interesting. It creates an inviting look and also feels as if you’re stepping on water when you shower.

Grassy bath mat

Treat your feet to the touch of soft, lawn grass like feeling, by placing a grass designed non-slip vinyl bath mat in your bathroom. The material gives a natural, soft feeling and also provides massaging to your feet, which is highly soothing.

Ultra soft bath mat

For the ultimate soft feeling when you step into the shower, go for the modern bath mat made of TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber). This type of bath mat makes use of latest technology, which renders it lightweight and devoid of any kind of smells. Its extra soft and non-slip safety features make it best suitable for kids.

When choosing bath mats, non-slip safety feature is definitely important; you also have the option to choose from a variety of materials and designs. Modernize your bathrooms by adding stylish safety bath mats according to your personal style.