Durable But Stylish Materials

When designing the interior for your home, there are two tough words that you have to balance out through the house. Firstly, and most obviously, style. You have to make sure your house looks great for you to feel comfortable and enjoy living in. But the second one is also durability. There is no point in having great looking furniture and a stylish looking room if everything falls apart and starts

Best Dresser Designs

If you’re looking for exciting ways to turn your plain old dresser to a new interesting one, here are some useful suggestions. Check out this list of ten best dresser designs to transform your dresser. 1. Cover the drawers with fabric Give a new look to your dresser by lining its drawers with different kinds of fabrics. Use a thin fabric so that it does not cause problems with opening and

Rugs for the Living Room

Transform the look and feel of your living room by adding a sleek rug. A rug can deck up the plain floors of a room in an attractive way. The walls and furnishings of the living room reflect the colors and patterns of the rug. It acts as a binding factor for a room. Check out this list of 10 statement rugs for the living room. 1. Patterned woolen rug If

Modern Living Room Accessories

Design your dreams and showcase your style with modern living room accessories. Choose accessories ranging from traditional to modern, bold to comfy, chic to neutral; according to your personal choice. Create the first best impression with an amazingly accessorized living room. Here are some great ways of adding glamour to your living room with trendy accessories. Brighten and Lighten in white Create a neutral look by accessorizing in shades of white.

Living Room Decoration Colors

Make an impact with your personal style by choosing the best living room decoration colors for your home. The color palette you choose must go with the furnishings in your room. You can choose to experiment with colors for fun or go with classic ones. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate with different colors. Shades of blue Blue is the most chosen color for living room decorations. It is