Best Living Room Landscape Designs

living room landscape design

Bring home nature with these awesome living room landscape design ideas and witness the amazing transformation. Nature inspired interior decoration is always in vogue and what better way to improve the look of your home. Create a stylish, yet relaxing landscape in your living room for family and friends to hang out in great comfort. You can also expand your living room into the outdoors by adding a lawn and a comfortable seating area to lounge on sunny days or spring evenings.

Create a pergola

Adding a pergola to your outdoor living room is an excellent idea of decoration. It acts as a frame to the outdoor area when you add pretty curtains in bright colors. It also provides a hint of privacy and shades you from sun. Enclosing a pergola with creepers, vines or bougainvillea makes it appear stunningly beautiful. Another way of decorating your outdoor space is by adding an arch of beautiful climbers.

Add natural fencing

You can also frame your outdoor living room by fencing it. A fence created with shrubs, bamboo or barn wood adds a stylish element to your outdoor decoration. When you have this boundary set up, you can add other decorative elements such as warm lighting and artwork to complete the look.

living room landscape design

Add ferns

Not everyone has ferns as indoor plants, but you can have them in your living room by creating the conditions necessary for them to survive. Place an array of ferns alongside the walls of your living room where there is bright light but not direct sunlight. Ferns need humid conditions to grow and they don’t require much maintenance as well. You just need to water them once in a week and gently spray them weekly with water. Ferns make your living room look attractive when you have hardwood flooring and contrasting white walls. Another great feature about these ferns is that, they help purify the air of harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

Take it outdoors

Create an extra room by expanding your indoors to the outdoor area. Place comfy wicker chairs and a cute footstool to give it a lounge look, where you can bask in the warmth of sun. Hang your favorite piece of art and place some indoor plants and wood vines. Add a center table with fresh flowers on top and you get a comfortable outdoor living space for hanging out.

Add an outdoor garden

You can create a luxurious living room that extends into a lush green garden. Take it a step further by adding garden hedges and you can have your own private space in the outdoors enclosed by beautiful garden walls. Add a grand looking sofa, side chairs and a round table to create a perfect spot for relaxing. Deck it up with stylish pillows and throws to provide comfort during cold winters.

Cozy it up

If you have a small living space, you can still make it look cozy and inviting by adding some natural elements. Place different plants in containers and add some vines to the doors and windows. You can also make use of the ceiling to hang plants, affix flower vases, beautiful lanterns and other adornments. Add cushioned seating to enjoy the beautiful evenings.

Add a dining area

A living room which extends into an open dining area serves as a perfect spot for family to get together and enjoy a lovely meal. Place an elegant dining table and chairs in the middle of your outdoor garden. Add glow balls or lanterns or a chandelier to light up the pleasant evenings. Eating out in the open, surrounded by greenery is an awesome experience.