How to Balance your Bathroom with Light, Color, and Mirrors

How to Balance your Bathroom

Today’s bathroom spaces are far from the functional pre-fab layouts of decades past. As it turns out, whether we measure it in hours per day, weeks per year or years per life, the aggregate time you spend in this small room turns out to be significant.

So it just makes solid sense that you would want your bathroom to be a place where you can relax, unwind, de-stress and express our unique sense of style and individuality. In this post, learn easy expert tips to balance fashion and function in your bathroom space with the help of light, colors and mirrors.

Choose a “Theme Shape”

You’ve likely heard all about theme colors, but what about theme shapes? A theme shape is one that can be replicated in different sizes throughout your bathroom.

As with any theme, theme shapes thrive on contrast. So let’s say your tub, shower, sink and commode are all angular. You could provide contrast by choosing a decorative theme shape of a triangle, hexagon or circle, choosing art, lighting, mirrors and tiles in this contrasting shape pattern.

Select a “Theme Material”

A theme material works similarly, in that it can take your bathroom space from rustic to industrial, cramped to spacious.

For example, eco-friendly homeowners have embraced sustainable theme materials such as a “living wall” of evergreen living plants to replace tile or paint on a single wall in their bathroom. And the choice of rustic hemp or bamboo flooring can lend a tropical spa feel to any bathroom area.

Conversely, the choice of large, cool blocks of darker tile can both minimize the use of space-minimizing grout and lend a serene, quiet meditative atmosphere to your bathroom.

How to Balance your Bathroom

Opt for Strategic Mirror Placement

Perhaps you have a common issue that many city dwellers experience – your bathroom space feels too cramped. It is hard to relax when you feel like you are crammed in to your own retreat space!

But with a bit of help from strategically placed mirrors, you can double the amount of perceived space your bathroom has to offer. One large mirror can reflect in such a way to open up a whole new virtual room (and plenty of much-needed breathing space).

Similarly, smaller mirrors placed in a decorative pattern can reflect the light from bathroom fixtures strategically to create an interplay of shadows and light that evokes a calm, centered mood while you are in the bathroom enjoying a nice soak, grooming or just relaxing.

Use Lighting Creatively

Here, “lighting” doesn’t have to refer to simple wall or overhead light fixtures. You can incorporate candles (electric or wicked), backlit water features (shower heads and faucets now come equipped with light therapy), old school oil lamps, natural skylights and other innovative options.

You can travel back in time – or forward – just with the lighting you choose. The type of lighting you select can also open up your bathroom space or create “zones” – such as bright lighting for the area where you style your hair and more dim lighting around your jacuzzi tub.

Make a Play on Patterns

Patterns, groups and collections, whether of shapes, colors or like items, can tie a haphazard-feeling bathroom space together. This can be especially useful in very large bathrooms (oh the luxury!) where you walk in and there is no sense of continuity as you continue from the sinks to the commode to the shower, et al.

You can cluster a group of light fixtures together, decorate a single wall with small prints, use three small floor rugs instead of one large one – there are so many fun options to play around with.

This can also be really fun way to create balance and style in a shared family bathroom. Instead of trying to hide away the starter potty and the toys, incorporate them into the theme as patterns, such as three small baskets to hide toy groups and wall art that reflects the “potty training days.”

With these expert tips, you can achieve a unique, comfy and stylish bathroom without needing to resort to the time and expense of a full remodel.

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