10 Best Dresser Designs to Transform Your Plain Dresser

Best Dresser Designs

If you’re looking for exciting ways to turn your plain old dresser to a new interesting one, here are some useful suggestions. Check out this list of ten best dresser designs to transform your dresser.

1. Cover the drawers with fabric

Give a new look to your dresser by lining its drawers with different kinds of fabrics. Use a thin fabric so that it does not cause problems with opening and closing of your drawers. Choose fabrics in bright colored pattern. Cut the fabric according to the size of the sides of your drawers and stick the fabric to the surface with glue. Add a finishing touch by painting the edges of the lined fabric and you have a new, colorful dresser.

2. Deck it up with wall paper

A beautiful wall paper creates a focal point in a room. Give a stunning makeover to your dresser by covering it with a suitable wallpaper. You can go with a colorful one to provide some contrast or a geometric pattern in black and white for an elegant look.

3. Paint it with a bright color

Color your old dresser in lively colors such as aqua blue to give it a new look. Remove the drawer handles before you begin and sand the entire dresser well. Apply one coat of paint and sand it again lightly, before applying the second coat. If you want to, you can even glaze the dresser for adding some depth.

4. Add cool baskets

If you have an old dresser with handles broken or cracked drawers, you can transform it into a new one by adding some pretty baskets. You can create open shelves by removing the damaged drawers and arrange all your essentials in the baskets.

Best Dresser Designs

5. Add funky handles

You can change the look of your dresser by changing the drawer handles. Find something interesting such as metallic designed knobs, doll shaped pulls or animal shaped handles and turn your dresser into an interesting one.

6. Lace it on sides

Give a feminine touch to your dresser by covering it with a soft hued lace on the sides of drawers. Add a thin layer of fabric on top of the dresser to complement the lace. You can hang candle chandeliers over the dresser to complete the romantic look.

7. Paint it in stripes

Paint the dresser drawers in stripes for a colorful makeover. Choose bright colors such as teal blue or orange and paint each drawer in diagonal stripes with a different color. Alter the direction of the stripes between drawers for adding some fun element.

8. Use metallic paint

Improve the value of your dresser by giving it an antique finish with metallic paint. Clean the lacquer off the dresser and then spray paint it with a metallic color. Add decorative, silver colored handles to give it a traditional look. You can make a great impact with this dresser in your bedroom.

9. Decorate it with scrapbook paper

Put your creativity on display by covering your dresser with scrapbook paper. It’s a great way of showing off your artwork. Also, scrapbooks are full of memories; you can add your beautiful moments on this paper in a colorful way.

10. Add a geometric pattern

Geometric patterns are so in these days. They help in accentuating your dresser’s look. You can add it on top of the dresser or to the drawers. This trendy pattern adds character to your simple dresser.