Decorating With the Best Modern Living Room Accessories

Modern Living Room Accessories

Design your dreams and showcase your style with modern living room accessories. Choose accessories ranging from traditional to modern, bold to comfy, chic to neutral; according to your personal choice. Create the first best impression with an amazingly accessorized living room. Here are some great ways of adding glamour to your living room with trendy accessories.

Brighten and Lighten in white

Create a neutral look by accessorizing in shades of white. Cushions and decorative pillows in white add depth to the living room. A white living room gives a warm and cozy feeling. If you want to make it less imposing, add accessories of different textures such as a crochet throw and a jute rug.

Metallic wall shelf

To give your plain walls a stunning look, install metallic wall shelves. You can arrange these black colored shelves in a diagonally ascending manner. This beautifully crafted shelf doubles up as a decorative piece and a storage unit. Display some of your favorite collectibles by arranging them in this shelf. This modern accessory adds an elegant touch to your living room.

Tabletop fountain

Bring fountain to your living room for creating impact. This decorative piece creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere, just like the way you feel around your garden fountains. The beautifully crafted look of this fountain in earthy tones adds a trendy look to the room. Whether you place this piece on a tabletop in the center of your living room or in a quiet corner, it is sure to attract attention.

Modern Living Room Accessories

Rustic end table

For a traditional look, go for a hand-crafted circular wooden end table complete with a distressed finish. Place this beside your sofa and add a chic flower vase in olive green color. You can stack books and other decorative items at the bottom of this end table. Cream colored decorative pillows and curtains beautifully complement this traditional, yet contemporary end table.

Artificial tabletop succulent garden

Create a natural look without having any concerns regarding succulents and cacti care, by adding an artificial garden. Oval shaped gray stone base housing an arrangement of artificial succulents is perfect for placing on a large dark colored wooden table. This artificial planter acts as a focal point of attraction in the living room. Wall paintings in deep shades of red and green in the background provide a colorful visual appeal.

Quirky wall painting

Spruce up your living room with a touch of eccentricity by adding a quirky artwork. A side chair in deep green and a patterned rug perfectly complement the background wall. Modern artwork adds an element of charm and excitement to the living room. It is also a great way of showcasing your personal taste in artwork.

Coral curtains

Drape your living room windows in deep colored coral curtains. Geometric patterned throws on sofa and chairs complete the look. An abstract wall painting is another addition that binds everything in the living room. All these lovely colors and patterns add depth to a neutral space.

Circular cocktail table

This modern and funky cocktail table adds a touch of elegance to your living room. Sofa and vintage chairs in shades of green and brown look perfect for gathering around the cocktail table. Add some stylish throw pillows for some element of interest. Place a flower vase in deep brown or any other decorative item in metallic colors in the center of the table to create a focal point in your living room.