Durable But Stylish Materials To Use Inside The Home

Durable But Stylish Materials

When designing the interior for your home, there are two tough words that you have to balance out through the house. Firstly, and most obviously, style. You have to make sure your house looks great for you to feel comfortable and enjoy living in. But the second one is also durability. There is no point in having great looking furniture and a stylish looking room if everything falls apart and starts looking tired after twelve months of living in it. So here are four materials that are useful around the home, look great and are also reliable.

Durable But Stylish Materials


This one is an obvious one but wood furniture is so common for the very reason that it is both stylish and durable. It is such a useful material with many different uses that it can be used right through the house. But this has developed over time with certain finishes adding more style to the wood but also adding a more reliability and durability. A great example of this is mango wood which is adds a sense of style to any piece of furniture, but you also be safe in the knowledge that it will be a sturdy piece of furniture.


Obviously concrete is a material that is used in most homes as a foundation to the house – thus showing its strength and reliability. It is also however an extremely flexible material as it can be moulded into all shapes and sizes from the off. A recent rise in industrial interior design has seen the use of concrete within the home increase. The theme seemed to take off on the back of making a statement by using bare concrete as a feature wall or as flooring. However, this has developed into uses in the kitchen and bathrooms in the form of worktops and sinks. Its certainly an acquired taste but its durability cannot be questioned.


Steel has been used in construction and design since the Industrial Revolution. There are many types of steel but its strength and the fact its aesthetically pleasing means that it has found common use around home interiors. Its initial uses in the home were in kitchens for sinks, worktops and cutlery, but this has now progressed into further uses in the home such as staircases and other furniture. There is one thing for sure with steel being used in the home, it will look great and last long.


Granite is a rock that has long been used within the home but commonly in the kitchen. It has been a stylish and durable material to be used as kitchen worktops as it looks great and is easy to clean. Its water resistance has seen this develop into use within the bathroom as well. But a modern use of granite is as part of a fireplace. Because it is heat resistant, it can act as a great looking centrepiece for a living room but its durability ensures it will be a great investment.