10 Statement Rugs for the Living Room

Rugs for the Living Room

Transform the look and feel of your living room by adding a sleek rug. A rug can deck up the plain floors of a room in an attractive way. The walls and furnishings of the living room reflect the colors and patterns of the rug. It acts as a binding factor for a room. Check out this list of 10 statement rugs for the living room.

1. Patterned woolen rug

If you have little kids running around the house, then you must be aware that your rug can easily wear out. The same goes in the case of pets damaging the rugs by scratching the surface or soiling them. You need to choose a woolen rug that can be laundered easily and comes with a pattern that acts as a camouflage to stains, spills, hair and other stuff.

2. Zebra rug

Black and white stripes add depth to a simple, less furnished living room. A zebra rug coupled with white walls and chair enrich the color pattern of the rug. Turn focus onto the floors of the room with this zebra rug. It is a great way of making a simple, yet powerful style statement.

3. Bright and bold rug

If you don’t feel like going with deep colored walls and furnishings, you can add a bold rug to your living room to give it some color. Walls, furnishings and window treatments in neutral colors allow a bright patterned rug to take the focus. By adding a bright rug, you can create a separate space within a room.

4. Lace throw rug

Add a subtle touch to your living room with a delicate lace throw rug. Drape your curtains in soft pink and add decorative pillows in hues of white to complement the lace fabric elegantly.

Rugs for the Living Room

5. Coral rug

Bring home a bit of seashore with a coral rug in your living room. Light shades of orange and cream sea-plant design is sure to add an element of warmth and comfort to the room.

6. Floral rug

Flowers are the best way to greet your visitors and add an element of interest. A beautiful floral rug in wool or cotton is a nice way of decking up your living room. The bright, colorful floral pattern takes the center stage in a room.

7. Jute rug

Go green by adding a natural hand-woven jute rug in your living area. This fabric gives a different texture to the floors and it perfectly complements traditional as well as contemporary furniture. Apart from making a style statement, jute rugs are easy to maintain and highly durable.

8. Fringed Cusco rug

Add a sophisticated look to your room with a fringed Cusco rug. The elaborate color-block prints and tapestries create a stunning visual impact. The design of this fabric adds a unique texture to the living room.

9. Geometric rug

A geometric patterned rug is a great way of making a smart fashion statement. A black and white patterned rug adds an element of excitement and enlivens a living room.

10. Navajo rug

Invest in a timeless piece of heirloom by adding a Navajo rug in your living space. The high quality hand-woven fabric of this rug is highly durable and worth the money. A Navajo rug not only adds value to your room, but also creates a calm and soothing ambience.