10 Best Kitchen Storage Racks

Kitchen Storage Racks

Modern kitchens are brimming with cookware, new appliances, accessories and many other utilities. Storage and organization can become challenging in such a case. Learn about these ten best kitchen storage racks in order to store all your kitchen requirements conveniently.

1. Go for tall cabinets

When you’re remodeling your kitchen cabinet, choose to go with a tall cabinet that reaches all the way to the roof. This provides ample storage space for small to large bowls, pots and pans. You may find it inconvenient to reach for top items; it is however, suitable for storing less frequently used items. With a high-rise cabinet, you can easily store and display your kitchen utilities neatly.

2. Storage bins for recyclable material

Conceal your trash cans behind closed doors for an organized look. Use separate bins for trash and recyclable stuff. You can place these bins near the sink, so that you can easily put the bottles and cans in the recyclable bin after washing and dump the waste material in the trash can.

3. Open and closed counters

Consider a shelving unit that provides both open and closed storage for convenient use. Add cabinets, plate racks and holders for increased storage space and visual appeal. The open storage enables you to organize handy things such as towels and plates, whereas closed shelving lets you store all your necessary kitchenware.

4. Choose pullout storage rack

Pullout drawers and shelves provide a convenient way of storing kitchen utilities by making use of corners and backspace. You don’t have to reach deep into the counters for fishing out utensils by adding pullouts. Drawers are an easy way of organizing and accessing your kitchen stuff.

5. Add dividers in pullouts

Adding adjustable dividers in trays and drawers enable easy organization of shallow items such as cutting boards and flat pans. Flat kitchenware must be placed upright for easy storage and access. You can also store other items with the help of dividers such as spice jars and cutlery.

Kitchen Storage Racks

6. Bottle rack

For storing bottles of vinegar, sauce, oil, ketchup and others, you need to go for a deep storage rack. You can have it installed next to your cabinet when you are renovating your kitchen. You can also place the bottles in a big basket and stack it in an open shelf or a cabinet and access it easily.

7. Customized shelving

When you are designing open storage shelves, plan according to the items that you’ll be storing. Experts in the field of organization suggest storing like items together and measuring the size of the utilities to determine the height the shelves for proper storage. This not only creates a convenient storage space, but also appeals to the eyes.

8. Spice jar storage rack

According to professional organizers, the best to store all your spices together is by placing them on their sides in drawers with labels showing up. Stacking the bottles on top of each other can create problems with accessibility. The ideal spot for installing a spice rack is below your cooking space or beside the countertop. If you store spices above your cooking area, there are chances that the heat may affect their flavor.

9. Wall racks and hangers

Increase your kitchen storage space by adding wall racks and hangers. You can easily store accessories and small appliances in these wall racks. Hooks and hangers enable handy storage of kitchen tools.

10. Cubby storage

Store your kitchen appliances orderly in a cubbyhole designed rack. Place the manual and additional attachments that come with the appliance together, so that you have everything you need on hand.