10 Funky Bottle Organizers for the Kitchen

Funky Bottle Organizers for the Kitchen

Stack all kinds of bottles in a neat and convenient way with the help of these ten funky bottle organizers for the kitchen. Whether it’s about storing bottles of oil, sauces, vinegar, spices, soft drinks or wine; you can easily find a suitable modern bottle organizer. Organizers not only offer amazing storage solutions, but also save valuable kitchen space. Declutter your kitchen and give it a stylish makeover with these highly functional bottle organizers.

1. Spice jar rack

This is the coolest and most trendy way of arranging your spice jars. Store all your special spices in this stainless steel rack, which comes with twenty jars having the capacity of holding three ounces each. Another best part of using this rack is that, it enables pouring and shaking of spices easily with its flip lid.

2. Pull-out shelving

You can arrange a dozen of full-size or 24 small-size bottles of jams, sauces or meds in this rack. You can easily view the labels and reach the bottles by pulling out its three drawers. This compact organizer lets you save some storage space. It also comes with blank labels for drawers to enable customized organization.

3. Baby bottle organizer

Arrange your little ones’ bottles and Sippy cups in this neat organizer. It also has a storage basket in which you can place the bottle caps and nipples separately after washing. Highly convenient to use when you have a baby in the house.

4. Wine rack

Organize your favorite collection of wine bottles in this clear acrylic wine rack. The sturdy design of this rack can hold six bottles firmly. This chic piece can be easily placed on your kitchen countertop.

Funky Bottle Organizers for the Kitchen

5. Water bottle storage rack

Store your plastic water bottles horizontally in divided sections with this twelve pack storage rack. This takes care of stacking all your plastic bottles together in your kitchen. You can also split this unit to store bottles in separate places.

6. Magnetic spice rack

Store your spice jars in this modern easy to access magnetic spice rack. Each labelled jar contains a clear lid so that the contents are easily visible and easy to pour. The sturdy design of this rack calls for minimal maintenance and makes it perfect for kitchen use.


7. Deep pull-out bottle rack

The best solution to storing your bottles of oil, vinegar or soft drinks is by installing a deep pull-out rack in your kitchen cabinet. The handy pull-out drawer makes it convenient to reach frequently used bottles when cooking.

8. Rotational jar rack

Organize your cans, jars or soup tins in this adorable rotational storage rack. This two-level rack lets you store twelve units conveniently. The spinning feature of this rack provides easy visibility and access.

9. Condiment storage rack

This mini condiment jar set allows you to store seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, chili flakes and other herbs and spices in one place. This clear, stainless steel rack conveniently finds place on kitchen counters.

10. Portable storage rack

Store your jars of spices, herbs and other kitchen requirements in this lightweight portable rack. You can stack oval, circular or square shaped bottles vertically for easy access and place this rack in a pull-out drawer or a shelving unit.